001PaperA Variable Exponent Hardy’s Inequality For Some Nonlinear Equation And Its AplicationKader SIMSIRTurkey
002PaperFejer's Theorem and Its Statistical Version in Lp(lr)Fatih SIRINTurkey
003PaperOn One Kind of Statistical Positive Operators in Lebesgue Spaces LpFatıh SIRINTurkey
004Paper A new approach for the numerical solutions of the complex modified Korteweg-de Vries equation using differential quadrature methodAli BASHANTurkey
005PaperFourier Series on Banach Function SpaceSelim YAVUZTurkey
006PaperOn the fractional maximal operator on some critical weighted
Herz spaces with variable exponent Lebesgue spaces
Lutfi AKINTurkey
007PaperSome Questions of Harmonic Analysis in Weighted Morrey Type
Kader SIMSIRTurkey
008PaperThe Boundedness of the Hardy-Littlewood Maximal
Muberra DIKMENTurkey
009Paperμ-statistical Convergence and μ Stat FundemantalityCemil KARACAMTurkey
010PaperOn Some Properties of Poisson and Cauchy Type Integrals in Weighted Morrey Type Spaces
Seyma CETINTurkey
011PaperUncountable Bessel System in Non-Separable Hilbert SpacesYunus SACLITurkey
012PaperThe Galois Group of the Eisenstein Trinomial X^p +aX +aChahrazade Lamia BOUYACOUB Algeria
013Paperp(x)-Solitons in Several Space Dimensions with Variable Exponent and Infinitely Many SolutionsDellal ABDELKADERAlgeria
014PaperBorel's Fixed Point Theorem for Finite Dimensional Compact Abelian GroupsMehmet ONATTurkey
015PaperCertain relation of Generalized Fractional Calculus Operators Associated with Multiparameter K -Mittag-Leffler FunctionDinesh KUMARIndia
016PaperCharacterizations of Spacelike and Timelike Slant Helices in Lorentz-Minkowski SpaceMohamed KHALIFA SAADSaudi Arabia
017PaperApplication of the Postulate of A. Achenbach for Determining the Optimum Working Height of the Coke Cupola and a Row of NozzlesLemmoui ABDENNACERAlgeria
018PaperNon-commutative geometry and application to Schrödinger Differential equationSlimane ZAIEMAlgeria
019PaperSome Results on Poly-Bernoulli Numbers and PolynomialsMourad RAHMANIAlgeria
020PaperGenome Sequences and theme extraction Using Probabilistic Topic ModelingMuzafar BHATIndia
021PosterThermal Characteristics of Molding SandsBenchikha TAHARAlgeria
022PaperA note on π-extending modulesYeliz KARATurkey
023PaperOn HD-modulesYeliz KARATurkey
024PaperEstimates of Faber Polynomial Coefficients for Bi-univalent Functions Equipped with the Jackson (p,q)-derivative OperatorSahsene ALTINKAYATurkey
025PaperA New Cubic Picture Fuzzy Information Aggregation and Its Application to Multi-Atribute Decision Making ProblemSaleem ABDULLAHPakistan
026PaperOn Properties of the Pell and Pell-Lucas SedenionsCennet CIMENTurkey
027PaperOn Rough Generalized Parametric Marcinkiewicz IntegraHussain AL-QUASSEMQatar
028PaperNumerical Investigation of Free Convection Stability in Cylindrical Annulus with Heater inner CylinderMebarek OUDINAAlgeria
029PosterMore General Common Fixed Point Theorems Under a New ConceptHakima BOUHADJERAAlgeria
030PaperNumerical Investigation of Incompressible Flow between two Rotating PlatesHamrelaine SALIMAlgeria
031PaperNew Type Integral Inequalities for Fourth Times Differentiable Prequasiinvex Functions Selahattin MADENTurkey
032PaperComparable Graphs Of SubmodulesAli OZTURKTurkey
033PaperNew Type Integral Inequalities for n-Times Differentiable Preinvex FunctionsSelahattin MADENTurkey
034PaperBoundedness of a class of rough maximal functionsMohammed ALIJordan
035PaperA Hyperbolic Penalty Method to Solve Structured Convex Minimization ProblemsAbdelouahed HAMDIQatar
037PaperA novel analytical treatment of 2D fractional differential equations with trifold Caputo derivatives orderingImad JARADATJordan
038PaperMathematical Behavior of Solutions of Semilinear Klein-Gordon EquationsErhan PISKINTurkey
039PaperCovariant Differential Calculi on ℱ(R_q(1|1))Ilknur TEMLITurkey
040PaperInventory without backorder using the polygonal fuzzy numbersSalih AYTARTurkey
041PosterOn Discrete Morse TheoryMustafa AKKAYATurkey
042PaperConstruction of variable exponent Lebesgue Space L^p(.) (T) close to L^∞ (T) with associate space close to L^1 (T)Amiran GOGATISHVILICzech Republic
043PosterAnalysis of Judd–Ofelt theory to the rare earth ion Pr3+ doped KY3F10 single crystal Saidi KHIARIAlgeria
044PaperSome Parseval Type Relations on the P_(v,4n)-Integral TransformFatih AYLIKCITurkey
045PaperNumerical Scheme for the Solution of Multi Order Fractional Differential EquationHatice YALMAN KONUSALPTurkey
046PosterA Fuzzy Approach to the Estimation of CO2 Emission Emitted from the Land and Sea TransportYasemin ERGINTurkey
047PaperSome classes of Almost α-Para-Kenmotsu ManifoldsIrem KUPELI ERKEN Turkey
048PosterStability analysis of conformable fractional-order nonlinear systemsRebiai GHANIAAlgeria
049PaperSmoothness moduli for some Banach function spacesRamazan AKGUNTurkey
050PaperMusielak Orlicz Spaces and Approximation ProblemsRamazan AKGUNTurkey
051PaperDegenerate Hardy-Berndt SumsMuhammet Cihat DAGLITurkey
052PosterNumerical approach for combinatorial optimization problemOmar SELTAlgeria
053PaperInclusion Relations Between Harmonic Bergman-Besov Spaces on the Unit Ball of R^nOmer Faruk DOGANTurkey
054PaperHarmonic Bergman-Besov Spaces with Small Exponents in the Unit BallOmer Faruk DOGANTurkey
055PaperSeptic B-spline Galerkin Method for the Advection Diffusion EquationMelda TURHANTurkey
057PaperOn Some Aspects of a Banach SpaceIsmail AYDINTurkey
058PaperRadiation Fluid Stars in a Non-minimal Gravity ModelOzcan SERTTurkey
059PosterFractional Optimal Control Problem For Ordinary Differential EquationIlgar MAMEDOVAzerbaijan
060PosterMaximal function on variable Lebesgue spaces with mixed normAynur MAMMADOVAAzerbaijan
061PosterFractional multilinear integrals with rough kernels on generalized weighted Morrey spacesAmil HASANOVAzerbaijan
062PaperHigh Order Methods for Advection Diffusion EquationEvren TOPCUTurkey
063PosterCommutators of Marcinkiewicz integral on generalized Orlicz-Morrey spacesSabir HASANOVAzerbaijan
064PosterA Fuzzy Approach to the Estimation of PM LevelsKardelen KILICTurkey
065PosterBoundedness of B- maximal operator in B-Orlicz spacesS. Elifnur EKINCIOGLUTurkey
066PosterOn the boundedness of parabolic maximal operator in Orlicz spacesGulnara ABBASOVAAzerbaijan
067PosterRiesz transforms associated with Schrodinger operator on generalized Morrey spacesAysel AHMADLITurkey
068PosterRiesz transforms associated with Schrodinger operator on vanishing generalized Morrey spacesRahmin GULIYEVTurkey
069PosterCommutator of Riesz transforms associated with Schrodinger operator on vanishing generalized Morrey spacesMehriban OMAROVAAzerbaijan
070PaperA Subclass of Concave Univalent Functions Defined by a Linear OperatorHasan BAYRAMTurkey
071PosterCommutators of maximal operator on generalized weighted Morrey spaces with variable exponentJavanshir HASANOVAzerbaijan
072PosterMaximal operator and its commutators on generalized weighted Morrey spaces with variable exponentVagif GULIYEVAzerbaijan
073PosterCharacterization of parabolic fractional integral operator and its commutators in Orlicz spacesGulnara ABASOVAAzerbaijan
074PaperOn Multiplicity results for nonlocal problems of Kirchooff type with concave-convex nonlinearitiesSafia BENMANSOURAlgeria
075PaperModules have S2 propertyFatih KARABACAKTurkey
076PaperOn the completeness and minimality of the exponential system with degenerate coefficientsAydin SHUKUROVAzerbaijan
077PaperOn numerical approximation of generalized differential difference equations with linear functional argumentHatice YALMAN KOSUNALPTurkey
078PaperIntegral Operators of Harmonic Analysis in Local Morrey-Lorentz SpacesCanay AKYOLTurkey
079PaperBasicity of Exponential System in a Direct Sum of Sobolev-Morrey SpacesValid SALMANOVAzerbaijan
080PaperStabilization of optimal control of Navier-Stokes equationsFikriye Nuray YILMAZTurkey
082PaperFirst Order Maximally Accretive Quasi-Differential OperatorsPembe IPEK ALTurkey
083PosterCharacterization of fractional integral operator and its commutators in Orlicz spaces on Heisenberg groupGulgayit DADASHOVAAzerbaijan
084PaperOn Sufficient Condition for Starlikeness of Confluent Hypergeometric FunctionsAlaattin AKYARTurkey
085PosterThe Hardy–Littlewood–Sobolev theorem for Riesz potential generated by Gegenbauer operatorAli AKBULUTTurkey
086PosterNote on A-Polynomial of KnotsSelin HATIPOGLUTurkey
087PaperA note on q-bi-periodic Fibonacci and Lucas sequencesElif TANTurkey
088PaperConfigurational Mean-Field Transfer Matrix Method for Ising SystemsBaşer TAMBASTurkey
089PaperOn the Geometry of Tangent Bundle with Berger Type Deformed Sasaki MetricMurat ALTUNBASTurkey
090PaperOn the special case of the Riemann boundary value problemTatsiana URBANOVICHTurkey
091PaperHardy-Type Inequalities and Some Related ResultsTugce UNVER YILDIZTurkey
092Paper$K$ -Besselian and $K$-Hilbertian sequences in Banach spaceMigdad ISMAILOVAzerbaijan
093PaperA Spatial Curve Adjoining Another Spatial Curve Based on Bishop FrameVahide BULUTTurkey
094PaperSpectral Analysis of Canonical Type First Order Selfadjoint Quasi-Differential OperatorsPembe IPEK ALTurkey
095PaperSome Identities on Fractional Integrals and Integral TransformsGulcin BOZKURTTurkey
096PaperSolutions for Some Families of Fractional Differential EquationsGulcin BOZKURTTurkey
097PaperThe Inverse Scattering Problem for the Discrete Dirac Operator on the LineAgil KHANMAMEDOVAzerbaijan
098PaperOn the time-fractional Fisher equation with small delayMine Aylin BAYRAKTurkey
099PaperA novel iterative algorithm on the time-fractional Fisher equation with small delayMine Aylin BAYRAKTurkey
100PaperAnalytical solution of the time-fractional Fisher equation with small delay by residual power series methodAli DEMIRTurkey
101PaperA new iterative algorithm for the time-fractional Fisher equation including small delayAli DEMIRTurkey
102PaperExamining of the Effect of REACT Strategy on Conceptual Knowledge of Secondary School 7th Grade StudentsMehmet ERCOBANTurkey
103PaperSome Spectral Aspects of Fractional Singular Sturm-Liouville EquationEhu ERCANTurkey
104PaperFibonacci Type Sequence SpacesBusra ARISTurkey
105PaperRelatively C3 and D3-ModulesDeniz GOKALPTurkey
106PaperQuartic Trigonometric B-spline Galerkin Method for the Equal Width Wave EquationPınar KESKIN YILMAZTurkey
107PaperOn weighted weak statistical convergenceSinan ERCANTurkey
108PosterApplication of Mathematical Regulation Methods to Assess the Optical State of Urban AirAtabey GULIYEVAzerbaijan
109PaperOn the "Interior" Analogue of the Bernstein-Walsh LemmaPelin OZKARTEPETurkey
110PaperOn the Nikolskii type Estimates in the Lebesgue SpaceGulnara ABDULLAYEVTurkey
111PaperOn the Nikolskii type Estimates in the Lebesgue SpaceFahreddin ABDULLAYEVTurkey
112PaperApproximation Properties of Fourier Series by Nonlinear Basis in Generalized Hölder SpacesHatice ASLANTurkey
113PaperOn completeness of double exponential system with complex coefficients in generalized weighted Lebesgue spacesSabina JAFAROVAAzerbaijan
114PaperOn the Boundedness of Fractional Maximal Operator with Variable Kernel on Herz-Morrey spacesLutfi AKINTurkey
115PaperNorms and Lower Bounds for Some Matrix OperatorsMerve ILKHANTurkey
116PaperMatrix Representations of Compressible Fluid EquationsSuleyman DEMIRTurkey
117PaperConsumer and Producer Surplus of the Linear Demand and Supply Functions by Using Polygonal Fuzzy NumbersIsmail OZCANTurkey
118PaperSolution of the Maximum Difference Equation x_{n+1}=max[A/[x_{n-1}],[y_{n}]/[x_{n-1}]]; y_{n+1}=max[A/[y_{n-1}],[x_{n}]/[y_{n-1}]]Burak OGULBishkek
119PaperOn The Recursive Sequence x_{n+1}=[x_{n-19}]/[1+x_{n-3}.x_{n-7}.x_{n-11}.x_{n-15}]Burak OGULBishkek
120PaperOn the Solutions of reaction-diffusion equationsZehra PINARTurkey
121PaperA High Accuracy Numerical Method for Solution of the RLW EquationMelis ZORSAHIN GORGULUTurkey
122PaperSome Properties of Hyperbolic Split Quaternion MatricesGozde OZYURTTurkey
123PaperLie Group Analysis of Some Evolution EquationsSaadet OZERTurkey
124PaperOn the Approximation of Fixed Points of Multivalued Nonexpansive MappingsOsman ALAGOZTurkey
125PaperExplicit Computation of the Unipotent Terms in The Trace Formula for GL(2) Over a Number FieldAli AYDOGDUTurkey
126PaperOn 2-Fibonacci PolynomialsAli AYDOGDUTurkey
127PaperOn the superposition of stationary states of the q-deformed quantum oscillatorAynura JAFAROVAAzerbaijan
128PaperMultiple Scales Method for Higher Order KdV EquationFedakar CAKIRTurkey
129PaperApproximation on Variable Exponent Spaces by Fractional Maximal OperatorsLutfi AKINTurkey
130PaperAcceleration Centres of Order (r-1) of Homothetic MotionsHasan ESTurkey
131PaperDetermination Young’s Modulus by Using Additional Data in The System Composed of The Plates with Different PropertiesVildan YAZICITurkey
132PaperA Solution of Airy Differential Equation via Natural TransformYasin UCAKANTurkey
133PaperComparing Convergence Rate of M-Iteration with Some Faster İteration ProcessesOsman ALAGOZTurkey
134PaperGeneralized Sylvester Polynomials of Three VariablesSule SOYTURKTurkey
135PosterOn basicity of perturbed exponential system in generalized Lebesgue spacesXayala GADIROVAAzerbaijan
136PaperOn HK-Type Discretization of a Heavy Rigid BodyMurat TURHANTurkey
137PaperStatistical Hypo-Convergence in Sequence of FunctionsSukru TORTOPTurkey
138PosterA New Topp-Leone Extended Weibull Distribution as a Sampling DistributionGamze OZELTurkey
139PaperSome properties of a second order mixed type impulsive differential equation with piecewise constant argumentsGizem SEYHAN OZTEPETurkey
140PosterOn basicity of perturbed exponential system in generalized Lebesgue spacesXayala GADIROVAAzerbaijan
141PosterÉquations différentielles d'ordre fractionnaires dans des espaces de BanachSlimane MEHDIAlgeria
142PaperOn the solution of a boundary value problem with non-local conditions for laplace equationRamin ZEYNALOVAzerbaijan
143PaperHigh-Order Finite Difference Method for Delay Pseudo-Parabolic EquationsSeda CATITurkey
144PaperTwo new classes of EAQMDS codes from constacyclic codesMehmet Emin KOROGLUTurkey
145PaperOn the Solutions of a New Semi-Analytical Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear PDEs Hüseyin KOCAKTurkey
146PaperFan-Gottesman Compactification and Stone SpaceCeren Sultan ELMALITurkey
147PaperValue of Game for Infinite Matrix Games with Interval PayoffsGonul Selin SAVASKANTurkey
148PaperLexicographic Method in Interval Positional GamesGonul Selin SAVASKANTurkey
149PaperMaximum Likelihood Type Estimations of Parameters in DistributionsMehmet Niyazi CANKAYATurkey
150PaperM-Estimation of Parameters for Distributed Lag Models in RegressionMehmet Niyazi CANKAYATurkey
151PaperOperator Ideals defined by Using Block Sequence SpacesPınar ZENGIN ALPTurkey
152PaperA Note on Equivalent QuasinormsPınar ZENGIN ALPTurkey
153PaperAn application of constacyclic codes to entanglement-assisted quantum MDS codesMustafa SARITurkey
154PaperCommutators of maximal operator, accosiated with the Dunkl operators on Orlicz spacesYagub MAMMADOVAzerbaijan
155PosterBoundedness of the maximal operator, accosiated with the Dunkl operators on Orlicz spacesFatma MUSLIMOVAAzerbaijan
156Paperm-adic Residue Codes over F_q[v]/(v^s-v)Ferhat KURUZTurkey
157PaperInvestigation of Mathematical Problem Solving and Posing Processes of Primary School StudentsSevgi AKTENTurkey
158PaperSome Results for Max-Product Operators via Power Series MethodEmre TASTurkey
159PaperOn The Bifurcation Diagrams of Fractional Logistic MapFatma YAVCINTurkey
160PaperVariational Approximation for Modified Meyer-König and Zeller OperatorsTugba YURDAKADIMTurkey
161PaperPartial Geometries pg(12,12,9) and Strongly Regular Graphs arising from Maximal (52,4)-arcsMustafa GEZEKTurkey
162PaperSome Results on Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas QuaternionsSemih YILMAZTurkey
163PaperDitopologies Defined on Fuzzy Soft SetsTugba Han SIMSEKLER DIZMANTurkey
164PaperCompact Weighted Endomorphisms of Topological Functional AlgebrasAydin SHAHBAZOVAzerbaijan
165PaperThe Structure of All Generating Sets of Certain Monotone Partial Transformation SubsemigroupsLeyla BUGAYTurkey
166PaperCommon Fixed Point of Noncommuting Almost Contraction Mapping in Cone Metric Space over Banach AlgebraHatice CAYTurkey
167PaperSome Problems About Algebraic Properties of Aristotelian LogicIbrahim SENTURKTurkey
168PaperBoundedness Of The Riesz Potential In Anistropic Local Morrey-Type SpacesShemsiyye MURADOVAAzerbaijan
169PaperClosed-Form Solutions of Optimal Growth Model with Environmental AssetGulden GUN POLATTurkey
170PaperNew Discovery in AreaEhab ESMAILEgypt
171PosterThe Basicity of the System of Exponents in Weighted Morrey SpacesAli HUSEYNLIAzerbaijan
172PosterOn Korovkin type Theorems in Non-standard Spaces and Their Statistical VariantsAli HUSEYNLIAzerbaijan
173PaperOn Basicity of Perturbed Exponential System in Generalized Lebesgue SpacesFidan SEYIDOVAAzerbaijan
174PosterOn the Dirichlet Problem for the Laplace Equation with Boundary Value from the Morrey SpaceNigar AHMEDZADEAzerbaijan
175PosterOn a space of $\mu$ -statistical continuous functionsRaziyya HASANLIAzerbaijan
176PosterOn Basicity of Eigenfunctions of one Discontinuous Spectral Problem with Eigenparameter Dependent Discontinuity Condition in Weighted Lebesque SpacesTelman GASYMOVAzerbaijan
177PosterBases of the Perturbed System of Exponents in Generalized Weighted Lebesgue Space with a General WeightSabina SADIGOVAAzerbaijan
178PosterBasis properties of trigonometric systems in weighted Morrey spacesBilal BILALOVAzerbaijan
179PaperOn the Parallel Surfaces to Translation Surface with q-Frame in Euclidean 3-SpaceGulsah AYDIN SEKERCITurkey
180PaperEstemations for the root functions of a Dirac type operatorGunel HAJIYEVAAzerbaijan
181PaperComponentwise uniform equiconvergence theorem for a third order differential operatorYuliya ABBASOVAAzerbaijan
182PaperAnalytical Solutions of the Biswas-Milovic and Gerdjikov-Ivanov EquationsSerife MUGETurkey
183PaperUpper and lower solutions for fourth order three point BVPs with integral boundary conditions on a half lineErbil CETINTurkey
184PaperDiophantine Equations involving odd prime powersMurat ALANTurkey
185PaperTheorem on Local Equiconvergence for Dirac OperatorAfsana ABDULLAYEVAAzerbaijan
186PaperExact Solutions of Some Nonlinear EquationsAdem Cengiz CEVIKELTurkey
187PaperBright and Dark Soliton Solutions of the GVCKP EquationAdem Cengiz CEVIKELTurkey
188PaperOn a Stronger Optimality Condition for Singular Controls in Discrete SystemMisir MARDANOVAzerbaijan
189PaperLp-Approximation via Abel ConvergenceIlknur OZGUCTurkey
191PaperSolution of Mathematical Model for Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Lavender Flower Essential Oil with Finite Difference MethodElveda Gamze MEMISTurkey
192PaperA Note on Dual Codes of Pseudo-cyclic CodesSumeyra BEDIRTurkey
193PaperOn Abel ConvergenceErdal GULTurkey
194PaperCommon Fixed Point of Noncommuting Almost Contraction Mapping in Cone b-Metric Space over Banach AlgebraHatice CAYTurkey
195PaperApplications of measure of noncompactness to the infinite system of differential equations in some Banach spacesMerve ILKHANTurkey
196PaperNuclear Operators in Spaces of Analytical FunctionsOleg REINOVRussia
197PaperTimelike Translation Surface According to q-Frame in Minkowski 3-SpaceHatice TOZAKTurkey
198PaperPrivate Information RetrievalEdanur TASTANTurkey
199PaperNumerical Solutions by Legendre Polynomials for Hantavirus Infection ModelFaruk DUSUNCELITurkey
200PaperStrict Stability of Unperturbed Fuzzy Differential EquationsMustafa Bayram CUCENTurkey
201PaperInclusions and noninclusions of spaces of multipliers of some Wiener amalgam spacesA. Turan GURKANLITurkey
202PaperCompleteness of Category of Rack Crossed ModulesHatice GULSUN AKAYTurkey
203PaperPullback Diagrams for Rack Crossed ModulesHatice GULSUN AKAYTurkey
204PaperDesigning a Model for Moving Block Signalling System with State-Space ModellingErtugrul ATESTurkey
205PosterThe evaluation of the problem solving skills of 10th grade students’on quadratic equation with one UnknownNilgun AYGORTurkey
206PosterOn the evaluation of the difficulties that 12th grade students face at factorization process in the questionsHulya BURHANZADETurkey
207PosterOn statistical convergenceTubu NAZAROVAAzerbaijan
208PaperOn Laplace Transform Technique for the Solution of Partial Differential EquationsOzgur YILDIRIMTurkey
209PosterOn the Solvability of the Riemann Problem in Generalized weighted Hardy ClassesNatavan NASIBOVAAzerbaijan
210PosterOn Basicity of the Systems of Cosines and Sines in the Generalized Lebesgue SpaceTogrul MURADOVAzerbaijan
211PaperQuadrature Formula Utilizing Sparse Grid Quasi-Interpolation with GaussianFuat USTATurkey
212PaperLyapunov-type inequalities for fourth-order boundary value problemsAbdullah AHMETOGLUTurkey
213PosterThe Estimates of Functions Type of Weierstrass Kernel in Special DomainsAbburrahim GULIYEVAzerbaijan
214PaperSome Classical Solutions of Dirac-Gursey Field EquationFatma AYDOGMUSTurkey
215PaperBoundedness of some sublinear operators and their commutators on generalized local Morrey spacesAyhan SERBETCITurkey
216PaperOn Chaotic Solutions of Gross-Pitaevskii EquationEren TOSYALITurkey
217PaperEvaluation of Supply Chain Configuration Factors Using Fuzzy Cognitive MapNazlı GOKERTurkey
218PaperNew Solutions for Lineer Complex Differential EquationsFaruk DUSUNCELITurkey
219PaperSemi-Analytical Solution for the Hiemenz Flow of a Micropolar FluidMehmet Sirin DEMIRTurkey
220PaperExact Solution for the Flow of a Microstretch Fluid between Two Parallel Porous PlatesMehmet Sirin DEMIRTurkey
221PaperComputation of L in the tribonacci baseMohammed HBAIBTunisia
222PaperSolving the Artificial Ant on the Santa Fe Trail Problem Using Artificial Bee Colony ProgrammingFateh BOUDARDARATurkey
223PaperHardy-Hilbert Inequality and Berezin NumberMualla Birgul HUBANTurkey
224PaperOn the Fixed Point System for Determining the Evolution of the Source Term of a Third Order Nonlinear Partial Differential EquationMujdat KAYATurkey
225PaperLie Group Analysis and Galilean Group Analysis for Partial Differential EquatiosGulistan ISKENDEROGLUTurkey
226PosterOn Weighted Zorko Subspaces and Riesz type Theorems for Analytic FunctionsYusuf ZERENTurkey