Abstract Instractions

  • All abstracts should be prepared in oral or poster form and presented in English.
  • Abstracts should be prepared via the abstract sample file in the forms section and sent without changing the file format.
  • While preparing your summaries according to the draft in the forms section, please write no more than 5 references that you think are important.
  • Applications for presentations should only be made on the internet at www.2018.icomaas.com.
  • The submitted work will be examined by the scientific committee of the conference and will be audited by at least two referees.
  • The abstracts approved by the scientific committee will be published in the scientific program and abstract book. If there are multiple authors, the name of the person who made the record will be included in the program.

Editorial Instractions

  • Errors such as spelling, linguistic information, or scientific facts in the abstracts sent will be published as they are.
  • All required information (such as name – surname – abstract title) must be filled in complete during registration.
  • The abstract should be sent on the requested form, the title should be as short as possible and the content should be reflective.

Poster Abstracts Instractions

  • The poster presentation date and time will be sent by the organizer to the person registering before the congress. The person who will make the presentation must be present in the poster room when he / she is informed.
  • The posters should be legible, if possible, graphics or shapes should be prepared to attract attention and accent.
  • The poster size should be 75 cm X 90 cm.

Please contact us if anything happens to your mind.